Prostate Cancer Help

Cris Parker Weappa, RN


Cornerstone Medical Centre – Woodbury


Cris has spent her entire career in the field of nursing.  Prior to joining Metro Urology, she worked in a hospital setting occasionally spending her time in the hospital’s spinal cord injury unit,  in orthopedics, respiratory unit, burn unit, urology, and ob/gyn overflow units. Throughout her years of nursing her desire to educate her patients has been near the top of her priority list.  This remains her focus here at Metro Urology.  Cris is talented at helping patients understand the process and putting them at ease.  She sees patients for a variety of urinary problems including, but not limited to:  leaking, retention, urgency, frequency and voiding issues.

Clinical Interests

UDS, Education, Being part of a team that improves patients quality of living




RN, UDS Tech

Direct/Voice Mail

(651) 999-2741